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The Daily Article

Dec 30, 2022

Pelé, called the “global face of soccer” by the New York Times, has died after a battle with cancer. After canceling more than 2,300 of its flights yesterday, Southwest Airlines plans to return to normal operations today “with minimal disruptions.” As Ukrainians face freezing winter temperatures, Russia has launched what appears to be one of its largest strikes to date on their energy infrastructure. Though we may live far from where these events took place, God made us to be empathetic, so we can share in the pain felt by those affected by these events. We can also feel happiness for others. Tomorrow, we will wish each other a “Happy New Year,” all the while wishing we could do more than wish for such happiness. It turns out, we can. But only if we look in the right place. 

Author: Jim Denison, PhD

Narrator: Chris Elkins


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