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The Daily Article

Jul 26, 2019


A monument donated to the local police department of Tega Cay, South Carolina, is making headlines today after the City Council chose to remove it only a few weeks after it was put in place. 

The monument contained a reference to Matthew 5:9, in which Jesus stated, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God,” as well as a prayer asking the Lord for courage, strength, and compassion, among other qualities. 

After complaints began to come into the City Council, officials decided to scrub the word Lord from the prayer, before recently deciding to simply remove the monument for the time being. 

In today’s world, the quickest results often come from the loudest voices. So, does that mean we too should strive to be the loudest voice on a given issue? Would the kingdom be better served if Christians were more vocal about the times when it seems like people act in a way that runs counter to the gospel? Possibly. But how do we determine which path is best for a given situation?


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