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The Daily Article

Jan 26, 2022

As Russia appears to be poised to invade Ukraine, many may wonder why the US is involved. For The Daily Article on January 26, 2022, Dr. Jim Denison asks why America should be concerned about what’s happening in Ukraine and why Christians should likewise be concerned.

Author: Dr. Jim Denison

Narrator: Chris Elkins

Jan 25, 2022

Tensions soared yesterday between Russia and the West over concerns that Moscow is planning to invade Ukraine. In The Daily Article for January 25, 2022, Dr. Jim Denison summarizes what’s happening in Ukraine, answers what difference the Christian faith can make in this conflict, and asks Christians to pray for war to...

Jan 24, 2022

Las Vegas Raiders fan Ed Fernandes suffered a fall before the Raiders met the Bengals. Bengals fan Jerry Mills, an intensive care nurse, started CPR until emergency personnel took over. In The Daily Article for January 24, 2022, Dr. Jim Denison considers this story of hope, the March for Life, the fact that “every...

Jan 21, 2022

Harrison Bader, a Gold Glove Award-winning centerfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, learned that Meramec Elementary School in Clayton, Missouri, was dealing with staff shortages and needed some help, so he volunteered to cover a Physical Education class. In The Daily Article for January 21, 2022, Dr. Jim Denison...

Jan 20, 2022

A new study says your retina may be able to provide doctors with a way to "evaluate underlying pathological processes of systemic vascular and neurological diseases" you would not otherwise recognize. In The Daily Article for January 20, 2022, Dr. Jim Denison discusses how forces we cannot see directly influence actions...